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I was born in Lagos, Nigeria came to the USA when I was a baby I was raised and grew up in Aurora, Colorado. I got two siblings, a beautiful Sister who is Modeling out in LA, California, a tall Brother who is in Colorado Springs for College. I am the oldest, I am 22, My Sister is 19, My Brother is 20

Before anything 2FreshEntertainment isn't just about Stevie Fresh who chose to start this movement, but their are more than one artist who are part of this that you would love to & should listen to; Including my young blood brother(Tmanny). 

I can write a lot about myself, my life experiences, my goals, & my achievements but man I will have several pages! So I'm going to break it down and leave the rest for y'all to find out &  if you end up wanting to know more about me JUST ASK.

Me & my brother(Tmanny) just started making music seriously this year(2018) and hope to gain as much success possible in this business. The love for music started 2009 for me and my brother, i would listen to 50 cent & my brother listened to Akon from there we expanded & started listening to more artist who made rap, hip hop, pop, and some r&b. We knew from then that we both was interested in becoming a successful Artist, but we come from a family tree with no type of Knowledge to pass over to us plus no love for the music we loved & listened to & wanted to create. No excuses in life but this did affect our path but forced us to gain the skills and knowledge we need in this business & we are still learning and will never stop.

From 2009 to 2018 you will think me and my brother will be already be successful and on the road already! Sadly we aren't quite there, but in the past 9 years our only regret is not fully chasing the dream we finished elementary, middle, and high school without really pursuing the dream, we participated at church and some talent shows for fun with hope to attract someone who knew about music and was willing to teach us and grow with us. After I graduated High School(2013) I went to college knowing I wanted to learn about music and pursue it but never did I decided to go for Graphic Designing In 2015 which is the year my brother graduated and he also went to college and is still in college studying mechanical engineering! I finished a year in designing and stopped. I love being creative that's why I chose that field but I knew music was what I loved, i decided I was going to do it but didn't know where to start. Me and my brother had equipment's and try to make music at home but really couldn't our mom wasn't having it and we stayed in Apartments and had know one to set up a studio at, but we still made music, freestyled, wrote lyrics, & tried to better our skills.

2016 I met someone from my job who just asked if I made music because I looked like I did, I told him "yes" I do but haven't really tooken it serious. He told me about himself and he made music too and he was from Chicago and also was in my position of not taking it serious but I thought he was very talented and he had a lot of unreleased music he listened to the same genre me and my brother listened to and he was a singer like my brother. I personally don't sing I just RAP but i'll try here and there but my brother has a voice and so did this dude I met at my job from meeting him at work we started writing songs during break then it fell into us writing off the clock. He really motivated me and made me feel like no matter how long its been there is always a chance, so he showed me to his friend who was from Jamaica they both had so much unreleased music together that I heard and I liked how they both were unique and humble. I started to hang out with them both and they took me to a pro studio for my first time I watched them kill their session they took me back when to record my verse to a song they wanted me on and it felt so different from being home, I was nervous and worried of how i would sound and how they would judge me which caused me to have not such a great deliverance that i would listen and say that's not me. They told me its ok its your first time you will get it, and they helped me gain my recording skills and i gained more confidence and deliverance through this, started making songs with them and also having unreleased songs with them. Before I met them I use to freestyle with my friends but not make music. 

2017 I decided to do my first mixtape and include them and my brother in it, this mixtape was called Ignited and dropped sometime in February with this I was able to submit songs for opportunities. So during that year(2017) I went to ATL twice to perform, one was for a promoter at a club called Sultra Lounge I performed two songs got some great feedbacks but wasn't able to find anyone who could really help my career then me and the promoter fell off, the other one was for a coast to coast event I was in competing for 1st place to win a trip to Miami to compete for $50,000 and build my fanbase but i ended up coming in 7th place walking away with $200 & with great and some negative feedbacks. I then came back to Colorado and performed at 2 different venues so far Roxy Theatre, Hermans Hideaway, I have performed twice at these venues and got paid $100 total. I still didn't find anyone who could help build my career so I stopped performing and started doing research and learning about the culture and asking myself really what do I want to do, who do I want to touch, what is my message, what am I representing? With these questions came more that helped me learn how to take action in my career and how to release music the right way because we was just taking beats from Youtube and we will do our thang on it then upload to Soundcloud and that's it. I felt hurt knowing more and more about the business because I felt I have been doing it all wrong which was true, but honestly we was having fun with a hope to get noticed so I tried not to be so hard on myself but I knew we was not going to get a chance ever or we will end up wasting money if we didn't start releasing and doing things legitimately, I had to understand that to turning something you love doing into a career is more than Hope and we had to be serious and dedicated to it.

2018 here I am with the answers to some of the questions i have never asked myself in the past years. I have a song I dropped in January called No Filter (feat. Tmanny) I purchased the lease to the Beat I got it copyrighted and I distributed through Tunecore and now you can listen to it on almost all music platforms. This is my first song I tried to do legitimately and it was kinda a success. There is still more to releasing music, There is still more to learn in this business for me, marketing, distributing, relationships, networking, & expanding etc. 

2FreshEntertainment is my team, my crew, my gang, the movement I want to start as Group with the ones I've known for years and hopefully expand into something much greater.